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Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

  1. Aug 26, 2015 #1

    I am applying for mechanical engineering course. The research part of my PS is about Maglev train. I choose it because i like the it works. So, i wrote about how the gap is maintained, how superconducting magnets are used and how researchers tried halbach array. know Mechanical engineering also comprises applied mechanics, mechatronics and control engineering. The problem is i am worried the admission tutor will find it off putting since it is closely related to electrical engineering. Do you think it's not related and i should change my research?
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    I'm an undergraduate student, so I'm the farthest you can be from the authority on the subject, but I would say that the point of the research statement is (assuming you're talking about graduate admissions)
    1. to show that you're capable of singling out and discussing your research topics--i.e. you have well-defined research interests
    2. to gauge whether or not their faculty's research would go well with your research interests and whether or not they have available faculty as potential advisers to you

    So I think the thing to do would be make sure there are faculty at the school whose research would go along with what you write in your statement. If they don't, then why would you want to apply there?
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