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Mechanical Engineering Streeses

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    Mechanical Engineering Stresses

    I am really struggling with the following problem:

    A rectangular tube with no given length has the dimensions shown in the diagram (within the attachment). Find the maximum tensile and compressive stresses that such a section will experience due to a bending moment of 20KNm.

    The attachment should be included if Ive done it right.

    I think i should be using "Second moments of area", but I'm not sure some clarification and possibly the formula would be gratefully received.

    Thank you


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    What's the definition (mathematical) of normal stress due to a bending moment?
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    how is the bending moment applied? is the bar in torsion?
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    That tube works as a beam. From here, Google is your friend.
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    think about the neutral axis and which side is in tension/compression then use the stress equation for a beam in symmetric (assuming) bending. simple. but I've done it a few times.
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