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Mechanical Engineering Tools help

  1. Nov 19, 2011 #1
    (I apologize ahead of time If I posted this in the wrong section)

    I'm in the process of starting an import business. I'm trying to do some market research and need some help, since I don't know too many mechanical engineers myself I want to know if any of you have any experience with these tools (I do understand the general concept of these tools and uses) and I want to know how the market for these tools are, if sold at a relatively low price? My competitors (most online wholesalers) sell these items at a high cost, I can cut these prices 40-60% since I will be buying from a manufactuer who produces these items. I will be importing "cutting" and other various tools such as:

    • Sin Flute Countersinks
    • Dovetail Cutters
    • Woodruff Cutters
    • End Mill Cutters
    • Center Drill
    • Adjustable Hand Reamer
    • Morse Taper Finishing Reamer
    • Repairman's Taper Reamer
    • Taper Pin Reamers
    • Chucking Reamers
    • Flat / Rectangular Tool Bit
    • Square Tool Bit
    • High Speed Steel Tool Bits
    • Cut Off Blades
    • Counter Bores
    • 3 - Flute Center Reamer

    Can you please help me with any knowledge you have concerning "cutting" tools in general and the market for them (north america)

    thank you !

    Manik Sharma.
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    Did some research looks like lots of woodmen use these tools, and people in the oil industry?
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