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Help: Physics vs Engineering Physics vs EE / ME

  1. Jan 10, 2017 #1
    I'm a final year high school student trying to figure out what he wants to study in university. I have decided on an applied math double major with one of the above. My dilemma is between deciding to purse the passion I have for theoretical/ pure physics or an applied science as I would really be interested in actually working in a cutting edge industry and not purely research. Engineering physics seems like a great combination of the two but i have been told that its a bit of everything with no particular specialization which can be problematic in the job market. Others have told me that its pretty much the same as a physics course with some additional practical engineering courses. What are my options if i choose to pursue each of the above? EE and ME interest me the most if i was to do an actual engineering degree but EP sounds like a brilliant course. Any advice at all is greatly appreciated because i really don't have enough experience or knowledge of the courses to make a judgement.
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    This rings all sort of warning bells for me, because it appears that you clearly have no idea what "theoretical physics" is that you want to do. Maybe you should start by reading this:


    Secondly, I did an unscientific Career Poll of members of this forum a while back and it confirms my anecdotal observations. There is a very strong chance that what you think you want to do at your stage, will NOT be what you will end up doing by the time you are done with your schooling. Think about that.

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