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Mechanical property of quasicrystals

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    Are there anybody doing some research on quasicrystals ,especially its mechanical property?
    I am just wondering why so few people are working on it,because intuitively I think quasicrystals will have a bright future.

    So what do you think of quasicrystals? Is it worthy of research?
    I want to start a project on its mechanical property,and i will appreciate if you could give me some suggestions.
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    It seems that there is a lot of research on quasicrystalline materials, including thermal and mechanical properties.


    What are Quasicrystals, and What Makes Them Nobel-Worthy?


    There's probably many more pages.
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    Thanks a lot:)
    i have googled as well,but i find that distinct properties of quasicrystals are mainly focused on its low frictional coefficient,which can be applied in frying pans and bearings .
    so i decide to do something about that,but is it so difficult for an undergraduate since i have no idea about group theory??
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