Mechanics - factored self weight of an object

  1. Mechanics -- factored self weight of an object

    How would you find the factored self weight of an object, suppose you are given the the dimensions and mass per metre of the object. Would you find the unit weight first by multiply by 9.81 and then multiplying the volume to find the UDL?
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    leagcy21: If you are given mass per metre, then just multiply mass per metre by 9.81 m/s^2, to obtain the UDL.

    Then, to make the UDL a factored self weight, you probably would multiply the UDL by something like 1.4.
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    Welcome to PF;
    we'd expect to be given the density function - it's not clear what "mass per meter".
    Per your question: try it both ways for a handy example - do you get a different answer?

    I thought UDL was different from self-weight?
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