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Mechanism with up and down movement?

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    Hi ... I was trying to figure out a mechanism which allows for up and down movement. I figured a piston with crankshaft... anyone has any other possibilities?
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    How about an elevator? How about a car jack, or a fork-lift? You need to be more specific in order to answer your question.

    Mainly: size, force, speed.
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    I have a simple mchanism that is composed by 2 pistons as the attached figures shows

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    @firevia, how do you plan to move pistons??

    @rvr, there are lot of ways to get linear motion, deciding factor remains the application. You ll have to come up with an application to decide which one to choose.
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    well it is simple , we should install a rod with a cam for the horizental piston and install an electric motor to the (cam-cranck shaft) , velocity can be easily calculated depending on the rpm of the electrical motr , but to make a full design I need configurations.
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    But why do you need the second piston?? You already have a linear reciprocating motion with cam!
    And by the way, the linkage you showed is a double slider 4 bar chain, its an elliptical trammel
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    http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/images/object_images/535x535/10302774.jpg [Broken]
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    a bearing allows for vertical motion
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