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Courses Medical physics course selection

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    i am struggling to come up in life through education and after a huge struggle,i decided to enter medical physics field and in this process i have already got conditional offer from three universities namely university of Canterbury(new Zealand) where i got offer for pg-diploma in medical physics, then queen Mary university of London where i got M. Sc(medical electronics and physics) and next university of surrey where i got M. Sc(medical physics).duration of all courses are for one year only and fees structure is also similar..i think u people can help me to select the exact course by considering all aspects including country,job future,salary.
    guide me please..
    with love
    kader pitchai
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    Well, I guess it mostly depends on what your goals are.

    Where do you want to work? (you've applied to a univsersity in New Zealand and then two in England, why is this?)

    I'm not sure about how the New Zealand structure works, but I guess the PG-Diploma is like 3/4 of a Masters: so the Msc courses would either last slightly longer or just have more material.

    Otherwise, Medical Electronics + Physics and Medical Physics will probably be different with a lot of the modules offered (seeing as they've actually bothered to highlight the electronics in the title, I would think there are some engineering modules involved). Have a look at the modules and check to see if there's anything you'd miss out or gain from either of the courses - then decide how important these courses would be to you.

    Where are you based currently? and what is your first degree?

    If you live in the UK and your first degree is in Physics, then the NHS Medical Physics training programme might be the way to go instead. This involves applying to a very limited number of training positions where you'll become an NHS employee and complete an Msc in medical physics on-the-job, normally over two years. You've missed the intake for this year, so I suppose you may want to take an Msc at one of those universities if you choose to stay in the UK anyway to strengthen your application.

    I'm not sure why you're really asking about salary/country/job future, all three courses you've listed are medical physics and so will open up the same prospects. I'd imagine that it's unlikely, for instance, that an employer will specifically require an Msc over a PG-Dip.

    Salary in the UK for a training medical physicist in the NHS is around £25k.
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    i am from India and my qualifications are m.sc and m.phil in physics..also i have applied to nhs training in uk.since medical physics field has a great future and salary part sounds good..i know that course wise i should prefer m.sc (medical electronics and physics) from queen mary and m.sc(medical physics) comparing to pgdip in medical physics(university of canterbury)..but country wise i think i should prefer new zealand first then comparing to uk...both countries having training programmes for medical physics..also i know that a employer will prefer m.sc over pgdip in medical physics..so only i am comparing each and every aspects..my ultimate aim is to settle in life through medical physics career.kindly guide me
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