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Mediocre undergrad vs. stellar graduate GPA

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    I have a mediocre (by my standards) GPA of 3.34 in the undergraduate math program. However, my graduate cumulative GPA in mathematics is very good at 3.96. I have one semester before I graduate with an MS in mathematics. I'm applying to Phd programs at Kent State University and Ohio State University, but I've never taken the GRE. Do I have a good chance to get in, or should I apply to more schools? Should I take the GRE in the spring? Thanks for your help.
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    imo you can apply to a lot more (and better) schools if you want to get out of that wasteland known as ohio :P
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    Yeah I live in Ohio. I agree, it is a wasteland and Cleveland is a foreclosure hell. But I have cheap rent and I don't know if the stipend amount for Phd graduate assistants will outweigh the expense. What do you think?
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    try Pitt, the program / department is great, and cost of living is very reasonable. and you should apply to CMU too, i don't think it can hurt.
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    Thanks, I will.
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    np :P

    your grad gpa is very high, so hopefully you will get into some great phd programs :D
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