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Merely a question concerning elementary calculation of stiffness

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    Merely a question concerning elementary calculation of stiffness:

    I have two rectangular and solid bars made of the same homogeneous material: Bar A is 0.85 cm high and 0.5 cm wide, whereas bar B is 1.0 cm high and 0.425 cm wide – and as both bars have the same cross-section area (of 0.425 cm²), both bars have the same mass per unit of length. Nevertheless, bar B is vertically stiffer, which is the problem: How much do I have to reduce the width (and not the height) of bar B to obtain the exact vertical stiffness of bar A? And what is the formula for this calculation?

    Thank you
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    I think this is what you seek(se attachment).

    Might not be this. Not my strongest area.
    The formulas i cant remember.

    Anyway hope you can use atleast some of it.

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    Dear Autosug, thanks for your reply! Still lacking verification, I'll contact other forums as well - and in case of any substantial response, I'll let you know.
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