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Automotive Metal Composition of Motorcycle Chassis

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    Hello guys,

    I wonder and would like to know what kind of metal to made a motorcycle chassis such as Yamaha YZF-R1 and Yamaha Raptor 700R?

    Is it solid or hollow?

    Is it cast or extrude?

    Thank you

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    Modern chassis designs use a variety of materials and processes. It is quite common to find cast and/or forged sections joined to extruded aluminum.

    Google will find you myriad references to more specific information.
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    Ranger Mike

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    4130 Chrome-Moly is usually used in custom builds and i suspect mild steel tubing is used on stock factory rides
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    The YZF-R1 primary frame is aluminum (welded together from castings and extrusions), with a cast magnesium rear sub-frame.
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