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Meteorological curiosity - "volcano tornado"

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    Viewers will be amused at the slender vortex snaking 3300' above the Iceland volcano, seen here in infrared video. Said to be similar to a "fire tornado", the Icelandic Met Office officially refers to the strange phenomenon as "wind anomalies from thermal convection."

    "We haven't seen anything like this before"
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    cool ! :)

    don't think I have seen one related to a volcano before ... seen too many videos to remember haha

    but these are quite common in bush fires we see here in Australia ... as commented, called firenadoes
    I suspect the formation of them is very similar

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    Another meteorological curiosity - an amazing supercell with two simultaneous tornadoes. The one on the left is said anticyclonic, the one on the right cyclonic.

    This phenomenal storm, with two tornadoes spinning simultaneously, was photographed late last week near Simla, Colo. (Kelly DeLay)


    Simultaneous aurora and lightning, from today's space weather.com

    "I've never seen auroras and lightning visible side by side before," marvels Chester. "These photos were taken between 2 and 3 am on Monday, June 8th."

    At about the same time in Hartford, Wisconsin, Jake Stehli witnessed a similar display. "The auroras were visible to the naked eye with lightning in a thunderhead on the horizon as well," he says.
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    awesome storm .... have 2 friends that have just got home to Oz from 3 weeks in the USA stormchasing. I just haven't had the money, health or available annual leave
    to travel over there for the last few years :frown: I so miss my chase trips to the USA

    twin and multi tornadoes for a single cell are common, not sure about the counter circulations tho ?
    The other wild scenario is when a main tornado funnel starts producing multiple vortices around it that sometimes become large enough to be called a signif tornados in their own right ... then we have "sisters"

    a pic from my chaser friend Reed Timmer ...


    dunno who this one is from ?? ... would credit if I could ( not mine)


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    I expect the Australian ones go round the other way though.
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