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  1. ngrunenberg

    What is the reward in Reinforcement Learning?

    I know I'm not that bright and I realize that this is a silly question to anyone in the field, but I was curious what the reward is in reinforcement learning algorithms. I understand the concept behind reinforcement learning, though I am unsure of how you could program a reward into a program...
  2. DrClaude

    I Organic molecules found on Mars

    NASA Curiosity rover hits organic pay dirt on Mars Scientific article: Organic matter preserved in 3-billion-year-old mudstones at Gale crater, Mars
  3. A

    Dreaming to become a scientist (physicist), can I?

    Hello, my name is Andraž, I am from Slovenia(east neighbor of Italy, and southern neighbor of Austria for those of you who don't know) and I am very determined to be a physicist. I am 18 years old and as a student of the fourth year of high school, I am about to apply for the university...
  4. I

    B How do I calculate the G Force in this certain situation?

    Hello, I have a question related to a specific situation. I've been playing a game called Overwatch and while I'm not the smartest there is in physics I'd like to understand it better. In Overwatch there is a character named Roadhog he wields a shotgun and a hook. Using this hook he can launch...
  5. CalebB-M

    Does the school you attend really matter? (Undergrad)

    Hello, I don't mean that question to sound rude or judging, but financially I can't really leave my state (Oregon) until graduate school. I was always told that in science where you go matters, but no one in my family except my uncle have gone to college. Thanks in advance for the advise.
  6. TheBlackAdder

    Which actions can reinvigorate blunted passion?

    Therefore this thread, to see if there any ideas that didn't cross my mind yet.
  7. S

    What would happen if an object of 689 degrees was in a room

    I was just thinking, If suddenly an object goes about 689 degrees farenheit (365 degrees celsius) in a room, about which perimeter would human life be impossible ?
  8. Brunnun

    Curiosity about contemporany Physics

    Hey guys. As I have said in my first post here, I'm a Brazilian 12th Grade HS student, and the combination of a country that does not value science much (not that I blame my ignorance on the country, obviously) and my age/education (the last thing we learn in school here is EM) made me ignorant...