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Method to learn electrodynamics?

  1. Nov 27, 2013 #1
    Dear friends,
    can some one tell me the method to learn electrodynamics??(iam a postgraduate student).
    Thank you
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    Post-graduate student of what discipline? As a physics undergrad you should have learned this already as part of an Electromagnetism course:


    You'll need to understand Vector Analysis to be able to do the problems.

    One book that may help is the Div, Grad, Curl and All That book by Schey which uses EM as the basis to explain Vector Analysis methods, proofs and theorems:

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    I would echo the puzzlement. If you did your undergraduate degree in physics (or even in EE), then you would have done electrodynamics. If not, I would ask for my money back.

    If you did not major in physics, then you need to explain a lot more here, as in your background (i.e at what level are you able to comprehend), and for what purpose are you intending to learn this 'electrodynamics'. The level and complexity of this subject area can vary a lot, and if you do not have the mathematical skills, you won't go very far in detail.

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    thank you
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