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Methodology to done my project

  1. Sep 17, 2010 #1
    ok, now i have just received a project regarding doing numerical simulation regarding heat flow in my CPU casing using fluent.
    my scope of the project is just based on forced convection only
    so now, i am doing my literature review part, any past study i can refer to?
    adding detail..
    i need to know what kind of thing i should included in literature review section here. theory? if theory what theory involved?
    turbulent flow? or laminar is it?
    is it an external or internal flow?
    cause i just write regarding heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation in the beginning of the chapter) follow by derivation of energy, continuity and navier stoke..
    anything to add in?
    note: kindly give me some theory to know first, i guess i am poor in this.. i dont know what theory related to my study
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    If you don't understand the basic theory, you have basically no hope of doing a numerical simulation. If you can't write a complete sentence, you can't write a paper that will receive a passing grade. Do you understand what a boundary condition is?
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    the layer which seperate laminar and turbulent?
    should i write boundary layer inside my litreature review?if yes which i should write? there is alot of boundary layer type...
    and what equation related to my project?
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