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Methods of laboratory fatigue testing?

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    Methods of laboratory fatigue testing??

    I have had a try at this question but don't think the answer was enough. Can someone please check it and give me the correct answer.


    Outline the methods of laboratory fatigue testing and the results likely to be obtained. (10 marks)

    Non-destructive testing:
    • Oil and chalk (dye pedentrants)
    • Magnetic particle
    • Ultrasonics
    • Radiography
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    Re: Methods of laboratory fatigue testing??

    There's lots of ways to test fatigue or endurance strength of materials. Rotating-bending fatigue is a nice and easy lab bench test method, usually people use a staircase method and then apply a statistical analysis. You can also use some tensile load cells that allow either fully reversed cyclical loading, or partially reversed cyclical loading.

    I'd add these in, as these are the cheapest (RBF) and simplest methods of determining endurance limit.

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    Re: Methods of laboratory fatigue testing??

    Thanks Dave,

    Do you know the kind of results likely to be obtained from these testing?
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    Re: Methods of laboratory fatigue testing??

    What you do is place a test specimen under a stress and see how many cycles it lasts. So your results will be:

    # of Cycles
    Stress (MPa or other)

    Then you do multiple samples usually at least 12-16.

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