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Michelson-Morley experiment doubts

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    Hello, I am newly learning special relativity. I have this particular doubt>

    Why is light moving along the hypoteneuse of the triangle while we are moving the apparatus?
    (Its not like it has a horizontal component of velocity which is equal to the velocity of the apparatus).
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    Why do you think you know how light is moving?

    If you know, you need to let the rest of us know, because you have information that nobody else has.
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    Highwaydude, A light beam aimed vertically in the moving frame will be seen to have a horizontal component in the stationary frame. If if did not, it would fail to hit the mirror.
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    Sorry for replying late.. yes after a bit of thinking I've figured it out, like you said, since the apparatus is moving we are seeing it as if it moves along an angle. :)
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