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Microarchitecture Vs. Microprocessor?

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    So I'm reading up in the Intel i7 Processor series... There have been three different microarchitectures:
    1.) Nehalem
    2.) Westmere
    3.) Sandy Bridge
    4.) Ivy Bridge

    There are also different models of microprocessors, for example:

    1.) Bloomfield
    2.) Lynnfield

    When i look at the specs for the microarchitecture, they are almost the exact same as the microprocessor, this might be a moronic question, but what is the difference between a microprocessor and a microarchitecture ( eg. Bloomfield was made with Nehalem microarchitecture)

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    If you look at the wikipedia articles for microarchitecture you can gain some more insight.

    Basically microarchitecture is the internal organization of the microprocessor and how the individual blocks communicate with one another and to the outside world. Of course if a microprocessor is based on a particular microarchitecture, then the technical aspects would surely be similar.
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