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Microsoft Office for Mac - Family Pack is going, going

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    I'm still using the 2008 version of Microsoft Office for Mac OS, because I got it for free through my college's institutional license, and it still works under Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). I kept my eye on the Office 2011 Family Pack (1 user / 3 installs) because it was fairly cheap (~$120 at Amazon) and I have three machines to deal with (office, home desktop and home MacBook).

    I just found out that Microsoft has discontinued this pack in favor of their new cloud-based system, Office 365, which you have to subscribe to at $100 per year (but you can use it on five machines, whee!).

    Sure enough, Amazon itself doesn't sell the family pack any more, but some of its third-party sellers still have it at about $120. So I just ordered one, and am keeping my fingers crossed that Micro$oft will actually let me use it.

    Of course, I don't plan to upgrade again unless I absolutely have to.
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    New versions of Office are rarely worth it. You can still easily get by on 2003.
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    Office XP still works for me. Also use WordPerfect 8, vintage 1997.
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