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Microwaves - finding the wavelength

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    Hi everyone, we were looking at different ways of finding out the wavelength of a microwave in physics a few days back, and one of them was to soak a piece of paper in a solution and put it into a microwave iven, when this solution got hot/warm it changed colour to blue.

    Does anyone know what the solution was called, cos i need to write this all up and thats the only thing thats stopping me, if its any help it was a kind of purple/red-ish colour to start with.....

    Cheers, dave
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    Just guessing, but does anthocyanin ring any bells?
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    it doesnt im afraid, but does it ahve the same properties as i mentioned?? The one we used was called *SOMETHING* SOLUTION...

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    Um, I don't know dragon. How about Iodine? Permanganate? Copper Sulphate?
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    ah, copper sulphate, that was it, thankyou very much, now i can get on and write the rest of this thing up, cheers mate, much obliged

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    Lucky guess, but it's a pleasure to help.

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    Processed cheese slices work just as well.
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