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Homework Help: Midpoint and Trapezoidal Rule (EASY)

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    I am solving a sample test for my test on monday, this is the question:

    Table(1) have results from applying the midpoint and trapezoidal rule on 2, 4 and 8 panels


    1) do these number support the claim that integrand is concave down? Why?

    2) Calculate the value of Simpson's rule using 8 panels.

    3) what is the minimum number of function evaluations needed to calculate Simpson's rule from scratch on 8 panels?


    # 2 is easy: is 2/3(midpoint)+1/3(trappezoid)

    Please help me with the other ones.

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    Please show us more of your work, per the PF Rules for schoolwork.
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    there is nothing else to show
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    Have you actually read the PF rules?
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    I have, but I don't understand your question. There is nothing else to show, there is no math involve on the other two steps. You or someone that knows what they are doing, should be able to answer question 1 and 3 by looking at the data.

    You want more work

    2) 2/3(2.28422520)+1/3(2.30015924)=2.28954


    Thanks, I just need some guidance or someone that can answer this simple question.
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    No, sorry. That doesn't help me. Part of the problem is that I don't understand what you are asking. If you could provide more details and background information, that would be a bit help. What is the "trapezoidal rule" that you are referring to? how does it apply to the numbers that you posted?

    I'm not trying to be a pain here, but honestly, it would help if you posted a lot more background info, and lead us more into helping us provide hints to what you don't understand.
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    well, that how the question is written on the sample test.

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    Your extract from wikipedia is too algebraic for me. If you were to sketch the two cases: (1) concave down and (2) concave up, and draw on each the interpretation of the mid-point and trapezoidal rules, you might then see a way to answering the question.
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