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Minors in Electrical Engineering

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Hey everyone. I'm a sophomore in Electrical Engineering, and with the deadline coming up for dropping/adding classes, I was hoping I could get your opinions on some things. I love EE, and I'm loving it more now that I'm getting farther into it. And somehow, my schedule works out such that I will be able to take 1-2 extra classes a semester. So my first thought was to double minor in Physics and Math, so I took three math classes this semester. But now I'm reconsidering...my schedule is pretty tough, and two of the math classes I'm taking are 4000 level classes. I plan on attending grad school after I'm done with my undergrad, so I'm wondering: how much of a difference will minors make when I'm looking for a job/applying to grad school? I feel that if I get the two minors, they might cause my GPA to slip (not to brag, but I'm at a 3.97 now). I'm currently looking for an internship as well. So my question is, what is better; minors, or a good GPA? And are the minors really going to be worth the extra effort? Thank you!

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I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that everyone in here is going to say that your GPA is more important.
Just curious, what are the math courses?
Well, instead of two minors, I would pick up another major, but that may just be me. Two majors, to me, have more appeal than two minors.
Having served on a graduate selection committee, I'd say that GRE scores, school of undergrad attendance, GPA (both overall and major), and research experience were factored in... before ever looking at double majors or minors.
Grads that I have talked to, some of which went on to grad school, seem to agree that it’s better to broaden your knowledge of EE rather then waste (their word, not mine) your time on other minors.
When I graduate and begin applying for grad schools I will only have a 3.5 overall GPA (and higher for my major GPA) and am hoping my double major will make up for my lack luster GPA.
The math classes I was taking were Differential Equations with Applications, and Applied Linear Algebra. Both would be my second course in each of those subjects.

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