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Mixing bleach/disinfectants with glycerine

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    I am running trials at work that require disinfecting of a glycerine-dye solution...I have been advised to add bleach but have always avoided mixing bleach/sodium hypochlorite with organic compounds eg glycerine. I have even heard of incidents in Dried flower industry where incorrect mixing of bleach and glycerine have exploded and burnt down the entire factory! Hence I have avoided these combinations as I am unsure of correct method...

    I understand sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidiser is that what causes the reaction?

    Instead I am considering using chlorhexidine (C22H30Cl2N10) and was going to dilute chlorhexidine (1ml/L) in warm water befor slowly adding glycerine (200-500ml/L) is this the correct method and what gases or unwanted by-products am I creating?

    Sorry it's been a while since chemistry lectures at uni...Thanks.
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    None. There is no active chlorine in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chlorhexidine" [Broken] if that is what concerns you. Chlorhexidine is used in mouthwashes that contain organic compounds like sorbitol and saccharine which also contain -OH groups found in glycerol. Probably not an issue.
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    thanks for your advice - greatly appreciated! :-)
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