Modeling Hydraulic Brake Behavior

Relation between deformed foil and friction force
Summary: Relation between deformed foil and friction force

Good morning everyone,
i have a small leaf or steel that is bent from one side by a Pressure of many bars.
in front of the leaf there's a rotating disk, separated by the leaf by a small gap.
this leaf, as it deforms, wins the gaps and touches the disk, causing a breaking torque.

I wish to have a first step model in order to study this system. I don't know how to link the pressure with the torque i get.
i have drawn up a scheme as an attachment


You need to find the coefficient of friction between the two materials that are touching and the radius of the rotating disk to calculate the braking torque. How is the brake activated and how hard is it being pressed against the disk? Is it metal against metal? Are you bending that tab toward the disk? Are you looking for application force or braking torque, or both? How fast is the disk rotating?

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