What is Behavior: Definition and 337 Discussions

Behavior (American English) or behaviour (British English; see spelling differences) is the actions and mannerisms made by individuals, organisms, systems or artificial entities in conjunction with themselves or their environment, which includes the other systems or organisms around as well as the (inanimate) physical environment. It is the computed response of the system or organism to various stimuli or inputs, whether internal or external, conscious or subconscious, overt or covert, and voluntary or involuntary.Taking a behavior informatics perspective, a behavior consists of actor, operation, interactions, and their properties. This can be represented as a behavior vector.

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  1. loversphisics

    I Proving Behavior of Particle in Infinite Potential: Wave Function?

    Hello, guys! I have a question. How can I prove the behavior of a particle subjected to an infinite potential? Will the wave function exist?
  2. berkeman

    Strange change in behavior of home/F11 and end/F12 keys on Dell laptop

    The behavior of those two function keys at the top of my Dell Windows 10 laptop recently changed, and I'm trying to figure out how to change it back to normal. At the upper right of my keyboard there are these function keys with 2 functions apiece shown: prtscr/F10 home/F11 end/F12...
  3. H

    I Alternative Approach to Solving Foucault's Pendulum Behavior

    In many standard texts the behavior of Foucault’s pendulum is solved by adding the Coriolis force term to equation of motion and deriving two coupled differential equations. Here’s an alternative approach: 4 assumptions are made: Mathematical pendulum (point mass attached to massless rigid...
  4. K

    A Weird beam behavior in a cavity

    Hello! I am trying to align a bow-tie cavity and I noticed a behavior of the beam spot that I can't explain with my (limited) knowledge of cavities. For reference, I am scanning the current of the laser in order for the laser to follow the cavity. I attached below 3 frames from a video I took of...
  5. P

    How to model the behavior of a closed loop position system?

    Hello everyone, I would need help to model a motorized system controlled in a closed loop. It is a personal project. At first, I am looking to obtain the transfer function and simulate the system on computer. In a second step (not the aim of this thread), I would like to use this simulation to...
  6. A

    Vehicle cornering behavior and Ackermann geometry

    Dear all, I am writing a vehicle dynamics simulation for my thesis topic. However, I came into a conundrum when testing the cornering behavior of my vehicle. The problem is inherently complex due to its many subsystems, but I'll try to give as much detail without bogging the thread down...
  7. wrobel

    I The behavior of a potential-like integral at infinity

    I need a help in the following problem. I feel that the question is stupid. Take a function ##f\in C(\mathbb{R}^3)\cap L^1(\mathbb{R}^3)## and a number ##\alpha\in(0,3)##. Prove that $$\lim_{|x|\to\infty}\int_{\mathbb{R}^3}\frac{f(y)dy}{|x-y|^\alpha}=0.$$ I can prove this fact by the Uniform...
  8. ORF

    Is it true that every behavior is acquired?

    Hi, I was told that "Every behavior beyond our most primal behaviors are learned/acquired behaviors". Is it true? If so, is there any room to choose what behavior to learn? Thank you for your time Cheers, ORF
  9. Seanskahn

    I Behavior of a curved 2D sheet and a curved 1D wire under acoustic wave

    Good day. We know how simple objects, such as 1D wires behave when a simple harmonic wave travels along a wire, or two wires knotted togethe.We also know what happens if you excite a circular thin disc with a single frequency. Are there some material I can read on, that considers the effect...
  10. M

    I Particle behavior in Penning trap

    Hello! In most of the modern mass measurements in a penning trap, they cool down the degrees of freedom of the ion (the 3 eigenmotions) using resistive cooling, in which they couple an external circuit to some of the electrodes of the trap and the ion is cooled down to the temperature of the...
  11. SchroedingersLion

    From the limit of the derivative, infer the behavior of the antiderivative

    Greetings! In statistical mechanics, when studying diffusion processes, one often finds the following reasoning: Suppose there is a strictly positive differentiable function ##f: \mathbb{R} \rightarrow \mathbb{R}## with ## \lim_{x \rightarrow +\infty} {f'(x)} = a > 0##. Then for sufficiently...
  12. S

    Does the ruby laser (the first invented laser) have nonlinear behavior?

    Hello Everyone! I read about the function of the ruby laser which made from ruby crystal and has three energy levels. There is radiationless transition to what so called metastable level and then the electrons there stimulated to transit to ground energy state. The question is: does this...
  13. L

    Identical Wires with different voltage--does electron behavior differ?

    Homework Statement:: I am studying on my own, so I don't have a specific homework statement, but want to make sure I am thinking about things correctly. What I am wondering is if you have equivalent wires, let's say both are made of copper, and one wire has three times the voltage of the...
  14. greg_rack

    Behavior of charged particles in a speed selector

    Considering the device above, which uses electric and magnetic fields placed properly to avoid charged moving particles with velocities different from the ratio ##\frac{E}{B}## to exit, getting deflected upwards or downwards. All that is easily demonstrable by equalling the forces acting on the...

    Electrodynamics regarding volume charge density behavior

    In this explanation we need to involve the Dirac delta functions(maybe) but I clearly have a difficulty in understanding it can some one explain me the whole concept of constant or non constant volume charge density.
  16. jaumzaum

    Is Supercooled Silicon Similar to the Anomalous Behavior of Water?

    Does the anomalous behavior of liquid water between 0 and 4 Celsius degrees (i. e. expands while cooled) have something to do with the other anomalous behavior of ice (i.e. floats in water)? Are those behaviors correlated ?
  17. thaiqi

    Deriving Statistical Behavior of Particles via Classical Mechanics

    Hello, using computation simulation, can the statistical behavior of many particles be derived through deterministic classical mechanics?
  18. karush

    MHB -b.1.1.2 behavior of y'-2y=-3 as t goes to infinity

    determine the behavior of y as t →∞. If this behavior depends on the initial value of y at t = 0,describe the dependency \begin{array}{lll} \textit{rewrite} &y'-2y=-3\\ \\ u(t) &=\exp\int -2 \, dx=e^{-2t}\\ \\ \textit{product} &(e^{-2t}y)'=-3e^{-2t}\\ \\ \textit{integrate}...
  19. Buzz Bloom

    I Qs re the behavior of atoms after decoupling completed

    I begin with the values of certain variables obtained from the references cited. Ωm = 0.315 [1] https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2020A&A...641A...6P/abstract . H0 = 70.0 (km/s)Mpc = 1/(4.408 × 1017) s [2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubble's_law#Measured_values_of_the_Hubble_constant H0 was...
  20. Elias_HH

    How to draw the transfer behavior of a fuzzy controller

    Hey Guys, i try to solve the question mentioned above. But I'm hones...i have no idea to solv this. I need a kind advice. I tryed to find help in the internet but it's impossible. You can see the hole exercise in the figure.
  21. S

    Centrifugal pump behavior when the outlet is closed

    What would happen if the water pump output or outlet is closed and pump continues running. Will the rotor or impeller inside just rotate and rotate slowly just raising temperature of stuck water in the impeller or would there be sudden increase in pressure immediately damaging the seal. This is...
  22. S

    B Non-linear Behavior, Chaos to Order

    I often hear about non-linear or chaos having order, and have difficulty grasping the concept. For example, you have weather disorder, how can it bring order? or you have Covid chaos, how can it bring order? Can you give some examples of the concept? What is fact, myth, and misconception...
  23. karush

    MHB What is the solution for t when $-0.1143e^{-\frac{2t^2}{3}}= -199$?

    $y'=ty\dfrac{4-y}{3};\quad y{0}=y_0$ separate $\dfrac{3}{y(4-y)}\ dy=t\ dt$ integrate $3\left(\frac{1}{4}\ln \left|y\right|-\frac{1}{4}\ln \left|y-4\right|\right)=\dfrac{t^2}{2}+c$ hopefully so far... actually it kinda foggy what they are eventually asking for also why is t in different cases
  24. jaumzaum

    B Behavior of compasses AFTER the magnetic pole

    So I know that a compass points to the south magnetic pole, that is near the north geographic pole. Let's consider the Earth to be a magnetized bar with all 4 poles aligned (for didactic purposes). The compass will try to "follow" the south magnetic pole, so, if I am in the Equator for example...
  25. DarkMattrHole

    I Mass distribution behavior of the singularities during black hole mergers

    When two BHs collide the resulting single BH bulges and contorts until it settles down to a stable state. 1) Does this mean that during this 'settling' period the mass internal to the merged BH is not (yet) a singularity, but instead two 'singularities' spinning down around each other in...
  26. pellman

    I Behavior of a function for large x?

    I have a problem asking to show that a certain function approaches a quadratic for large values of the variable. And I realize now that this is a skill with which I am totally unfamiliar. Can't use a Taylor series in y= 1/x because the value at y=0 is infinite. Would appreciate a recommended...
  27. danielhaish

    Behavior of one electron choosing a path

    I know that current chose the way with the lowest resistance but this is becouse that few electrons will go on the two path and the smallest number of electron .,Is the path that the current go throw . But how does a single elelctrons "choose" is path . And also if I connect two wire to a...
  28. A

    Granular Conveyor -- Granular Material acts as a liquid?

    My final year experiment involves vibrating a granular conveyor with the same amplitude at at different frequencies. (See picture for experiment set-up). Between 5-115 Hz, the glass beads bounce erratically. As soon as the frequency hits 120Hz or higher, the beads remain on the surface, and can...
  29. Miles123K

    Wave behavior across two semi-infinite membranes with a special boundary

    Since the membrane doesn't break, the wave is continuous at ##x=0## such that ##\psi_{-}(0,y,t) = \psi_{+}(0,y,t)## ##A e^{i(k \cos(\theta)x + k \sin(\theta)y - \omega t)} = A e^{i(k' \sin(\theta ') y- \omega t)}## Which is only true when ## k' \sin(\theta ') = k \sin(\theta) ##. From the...
  30. K

    I Nuclear Force Behavior: Confusing Isospin Dependence

    Hello! I am confused about when the nuclear force is attractive and when not. Based on deuteron (the book I am following is Wong), we see that we can't have bound state with isospin T=1 (otherwise we would see, for example, a stable double neutron and no proton nucleus). Also, in the book I see...
  31. C

    B Diffusion behavior of particulates

    How do the pm2.5 (particles of 2.5 microns or less) diffuse compared to gas. I noticed when i turned on my air purifier at night and turned it off at daytime. The pm2.5 particles levels go back to high after 2 hours even when my doors and windows are closed. Do pm2.5 particles pass through...
  32. carter7gindenv

    Thermal Radiation Behavior of Non-Black Bodies: I'm Confused!

    Hello, I've searched a bit about about the thermal radiation behavior of non-black body and I'm confused. I've read that the color is dependent only on the temperature so every thing display the same color as a black body. But at the same time I've read that materials don't always follow the...
  33. Vanadium 50

    Automotive Unexpected Behavior with Audi A3 e-tron Turbocharger boost

    So the other day I plugged in one of those cheap-o OBD-II bluetooth adapters and looked at my car's boost pressure on my phone. Moat of the behaviors look reasonable. Others, not so much. Car is an Audi A3 etron. Has a 1.4T engine putting out 150 hp and an electric motor putting out 100 hp...
  34. berkeman

    Help with a strange microwave oven behavior please

    The last couple days at work, one of the microwave ovens in the kitchen has been acting strangely. Today it seemed to get potentially dangerous, so I marked it "Out of Order" for now, and would like to figure out if it is hopeless, or if it can be recovered easily. I first noticed a couple...
  35. Q

    Asymptotic behavior of Airy functions in the WKB method

    If it is the asymptotic behavior of the Airy's function what it's used instead of the function itself: Does it mean that the wkb method is only valid for potentials where the regions where ##E<V## and ##E>V## are "wide"?
  36. Andrea Vironda

    Modeling Hydraulic Brake Behavior

    Summary: Relation between deformed foil and friction force Good morning everyone, i have a small leaf or steel that is bent from one side by a Pressure of many bars. in front of the leaf there's a rotating disk, separated by the leaf by a small gap. this leaf, as it deforms, wins the gaps and...
  37. Q

    B 'IdealFluid' Describe Behavior of Matter in Phase State of liquid/gas+

    One thing about terminology that I think c/should be changed for Continuum Mechanics: 1) 'Ideal Fluid' Describe Behavior of Matter in Phase States of liquid/gas and sometimes Bulk-Solid: -continually deform under applied shear stress or external force -usually zero shear modulus -behavior can...
  38. Aleoa

    Linear behavior and dynamic behavior of a sensor

    I want to model a sensor with the static behavior: y(t)=a+by_{0}(t) using a first order lag: G(s)=\frac{K}{1+Ts} However, if i try to convert this order lag in time domain and set the derivative as 0, what i get as static response is: y(t)=Ky_{0}(t)=by_{0}(t) And the a constant has...
  39. Zahid Iftikhar

    I Understanding Magnetic Domain Walls and Hysteresis Behavior: Can You Help?

    Please help in the explanation of BH curve (See attached file). At the starting point, more current is required to bring the material to its magnetic saturation point( in fig form origin to pt.a shown by purple line ) as compared to when the material is fully demagnetized and then brought to...
  40. Measle

    Complex Analysis - sqrt(z^2 + 1) function behavior

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The relevant equation is that sqrt(z) = e^(1/2 log z) and the principal branch is from (-pi, pi] The Attempt at a Solution The solution is provided, since this isn't a homework problem (I was told to post it here anyway). I don't understand why the...
  41. Measle

    I Confused by the behavior of sqrt(z^2+1)

    (mentor note: this is a homework problem with a solution that the OP would like to understand better) In Taylor's Complex Variables, Example 1.4.10 Can someone help me understand this? I don't know what they mean by (i, i inf), or how they got it and -it
  42. K

    Tripping Behavior of Circuit Breakers

    For US residents. If you have the above circuit breaker put in your panel phase to phase (2 pole).. and one of the phase touches neutral.. would the circuit breaker trip or not? It's rated 240 volts.. yet one pole only has 120 volts.. would that 120 volts shorting the neutral trips it? This...
  43. itoero

    B Particle behavior and the Doppler effect

    How does particle physics explain the doppler effect? (including blue/red shift)
  44. S

    Odd behavior after accessing Yahoo

    Recently whenever I visit the Yahoo website on my Android tablet, my keyboard settings are scrambled to the point where I can't enter info into text fields online; for instance, a search term into Google. A cursor will not appear in the text box. I can recover by resetting my keyboard...
  45. C

    How Does Light Intensity and Frequency Affect Photoelectron Emission?

    Homework Statement Use Max Planck’s quantum theory to explain the following behavior of photoelectrons. a) Low-intensity light does not release any photoelectrons. What will happen if the light is made brighter? Explain your reasoning b) Low-intensity light releases photoelectrons. What...
  46. DaveC426913

    Understanding Propane Heater Behavior: Causes and Solutions

    I've asked a related question before, but this is new. I have one of these propane heaters: As months go by, it has an increasing habit of spazzing out. It will frequently do this in a strong gust. But with even a little wind, and more often when it is set on low, it will spontaneously and...
  47. Buzz Bloom

    Sedentary behavior & reduced medial temporal lobe thickness

    My wife keeps telling me that I need to avoid sitting at the computer so much. She sent me the following link. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0195549 I confess that I don't find the data presented in the article very convincing, and I would appreciate comments...
  48. Stephenk53

    Is Classroom Behavior Influenced by a Teacher's Attitude?

    I plan on teaching high school education because I am crazy and enjoy learning. Anyway I noticed that in my school if a teacher is strict or rude the students tend to be extremely rude and act poorly out of spite. And teachers who are very kind and still tries to ensure all work is done, the...
  49. A

    Brain circuit for this behavior

    http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/lotto-winner-kills-himself-after-losing-the-winning-tickets/news-story/56f0b192b22d6ebb4d3906a9f65b5211 What is the brain circuit responsible for this behavior.. for example.. a person used to be happy, then one day he won a lottery then...