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Modeling Jet Fans in Parking Ventilation in Ansys CFX

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    Hi , I'm new to CFD. I'm modeling a parking ventilation system in ansys CFX. I'm having some trouble modeling the jet fans . I went as follows. I created a fresh air inlet (Opening BC), an exhuast outlet (outlet BC) and in the middle I distributed jet fans .The jet fans are modeled as sub domains with momentum sources(momentum calculated from the thrust). In addition, I simulated a fire through flow inlet BC at a surface with and additional variable(smoke). I ran a transient analysis. The problem is the results seem unreal.
    Generally, how does my methodology look. Am I on the right track. Any tips or ideas about why my results seem unreal.
    Thank You
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    I've just looked at some jet fan manufacturers websites . In each case they give comprehensive technical information about their products .

    The information provided seems to tell you everything you need to know .

    Please describe what specific difficulties you have .
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    My specific difficulties have to do with how to numerically model the jet fans and smoke in ansys cfx
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