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Overlapping geometry in ANSYS fluent

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    I'm performing a 3D CFD simulation in ansys fluent on a laboratory in order to verify the pressure map and overall ventilation design. During meshing, ansys is displaying the following error "The mesh file exporter does not support overlapping geometry in Contact Regions. Please resolve the issue and try again"
    I build the geometry in Autocad by drawing an outline of the partitions, extruding, and adding surfaces for boundary conditions.Afterwards, I sliced up the volume in the ansys workbench design modeler. I can't seem to understand what the error is trying to tell me.

    I want someone to tell me what this error means and possibly point me in the direction of fixing it as i'm no CFD expert and i'm still learning .

    Any help would be greatly appreciated .
    Thank You

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    I can venture a guess: The autoCAD software you're using builds the geometry a little bit different than what ANSYS/Fluent likes, creating overlapping geometry at one or more points. Depending on what version of Fluent you're using, you'll want to use either the geometry building and meshing tool that comes with ANSYS for the newer ones, or you'll want to use Gambit for the older versions of Fluent.

    Oh wait, I just saw the images...If you're already doing that, I guess I can only say, that with a geometry as complicated looking as what you show there, you might want to go a different route. It looks like several rooms stuck together. All it takes is for one room to slightly intersect with another to throw that error. You might have to rebuild it from scratch, adding a bit of spacing between walls. I hope you have a computer that can solve that thing. As you refine it, it's going to get really ugly really quick as the number of cells and nodes increase.
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