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Modelling galactic bulges? For my 3rd year project.

  1. Aug 21, 2013 #1
    Galactic Modelling - Bulge formation

    The bulges at the centres of galaxies often host supermassive blackholes (SMBHs), with masses as large as 10^9 M sun. The masses of SMBHs correlate with properties of bulges. Therefore it is important to understand how bulges form in order to understand how they can control the SMBHs that form within them. Classical bulges are thought to form from the mergers of pre-galactic clumps. In this project the student will use simulations to explore how classical bulges evolve and how this impacts SMBHs. This project area is only suitable for a high-achieving student that has a good knowledge of computers and linux.

    I want to know if people think this is too hard? I am an average achieving student.. although I know I could be a high achiever but I don't put in anywhere near enough time in to my study. Which I plan to change for my 3rd year.. i need at least 71% to get a 1st and I want a 1st.

    I am not a great programmer, my last project I did was about chaos... luckily for me, I had a module that was about chaos and simulating chaotic behavior... so I had plenty of help with it.

    Can anyone give me any insight as to what this project may involve? If they have done anything similar and how they found it etc
    Or just some advice on the topic.

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    Unfortunately, I have no experience with this topic. However, have you tried approaching the member of staff who is supervising the project? I'm sure they will be more than happy to discuss what will be required in more detail, and to assess your potential to be successful.
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    You should definitely speak with the project supervisor. But I can tell you that it's very likely to be entirely coding, with little or no analytical work. A good question to ask would be which language existing code is written in, since if you're not familiar with that you have some catch-up to do.
  5. Sep 3, 2013 #4
    Ok thanks for the feedback. I will send an email
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