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Studying Molecular Biophysics Graduate Schools For Studying Learning and Memory

  1. Sep 25, 2009 #1

    Based on my background and interests, what graduate schools and programs would be best for me as a PhD-seeking biophysics student intending to ultimately study learning and memory?


    I am a undergraduate in the USA that is preparing to receive four B.S. degrees by Summer 2010: biomathematics, physics (w/ honors), computer science, and philosophy. I will have about a year of research experience in developing electrostatic molecular modeling software as well as the soliton model of axon conduction. It is my intention to have an article related to my work published in a professional physics journal before I complete Spring 2010. I am willing to attend a foreign English-speaking university if research there is sufficiently enticing.


    My primary interest is molecular biophysics as applied to neuroscience. Particularly I would like to study natural physiological processes and drug interactions related to learning and memory. I am also highly interested in nanotechnology being applied to the same. To tackle these problems I have been focusing on computational modeling and theoretical biophysics, though I wish to use experimental methods when needed to further my understanding of the subject.

    Many hours of work on my part have not yielded any particularly enthusing options. I am prepared to settle for doing PhD research in related fields of molecular biophysics that do not always have a neuroscience component, such as molecular modeling for drug development.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    No one knows of a molecular biophysics program which studies learning and memory?

    Or even a program which could train one sufficiently to begin such research?

    Even a good molecular biophysics program which emphasizes the physics part of the name would be useful to me.
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