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Homework Help: Momentum, impulse, and power definitions

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    This may seem as stupid query for you people out there, but I would like to know if somebody would be able to spare a moment or two in explaining to me what the terms:
    mean/refer to in the study of kinematics. Thank you heaps for your kindness, time and effort for reply to this post,
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    Try google, type in "define: momentum" etc. and it will display a range of definitions from the web :smile:
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    It also helps to understand 'force' and 'energy'.






    Also look in PF's Introductory Physics Tutorial section - page 2 for topics on mechanics
    https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=160&page=2&order=desc [Broken]
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    thanks Hootenanny for the advice and Astronus for the links, your help is greatly appriciated :smile:
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    none of those terms have anything to do with the study of kinematics. They have something to do with the study of dynamics.
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    Good point.

    I think some people confuse the two terms "kinematics" and "dynamics".

    In physics, kinematics is the branch of mechanics concerned with the motions of objects without being concerned with mass or the forces that cause the motion, whereas dynamics is concerned with the forces that affect motion.

    Kinematics is concerned with accelerations, but not the forces or mass related to the accelerations, so it deals with time and space (displacement).
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