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Online Website suggestions - First Year Uni Student NEED HELP!

  1. Mar 12, 2012 #1
    Hey im a first year at Auckland Uni studying Physics. Does anyone have any good websites where i may find interactive resources and information to help me with my first module which is about...
    Curvilinear Motion - motion without rotation
    Units and dimensions. Dimensional analysis. Scalars. Motion in one dimension. Vectors: addition, subtraction, resolution into components, unit vectors, dot and cross product. Two-dimensional kinematics: projectile motion, uniform circular motion, relative velocity and reference frames. Inertia: centre of mass, conservation of momentum, force, Newton's laws, impulse. Forces and their applications: fundamental, contact, friction, drag, lift and thrust. Work, energy and power. Conservative and non-conservative forces. Conservation of Energy. Collisions – elastic, inelastic, explosive. Linear momentum, impulse.
    Rotational energy, moment of inertia. Static equilibrium. Torque, angular momentum, angular impulse. Rolling without/with slipping. Rotational quantities as vectors. Conservation of Angular Momentum. Gravitation: Newton's Law of Gravity, Kepler’s laws, application to spacecraft orbits. Precession.
    Thanks Heaps!
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    Sam's link is indeed the best one. I would suggest you youtube the topics which you find it hard to understand. Common students and teachers upload their tutorials to make learning great. It's quiet easy to grasp.
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