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Mono and polycristallin material

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    hi everybody

    i would like to know what's the different between a mono and a polycristallin material.
    And if we are speaking about nanocomposite, what's the link beteween poly and the nanoparticls ?

    thanks for all
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    A monocrystalline solid is a single crystal; the crystal orientation at any two points, be they separated by microns or meters, is the same. All other solids are polycrystalline (multiple crystals separated by grain boundaries) or amorphous (no apparent ordering). The distinction between a polycrystalline material with extremely small grains and an amorphous material is arbitrary.

    A composite can contain all three types. Is there a particular material you're studying?
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    yes actually, im studyin a thin films made of diamond like carbon-metal nanocomposite. So its a carbon cabrid. But i was cheking up about the application of such nanocrystalline and i didnt find out more things about. I mean, a such nanoparticle could be semiconductor? or metallic? all ive found that a such nanocomposite is called ceramic. And it could be a metal or a semiconductor, actually that depends on his size. bu i didnt get it well.
    Thanks for your explanation
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