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Moon orbits the earth

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    I had no idea it took a month for the moon to orbit the earth. I thought it happened daily, and thats what gave us night. How do we get night?
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    The Earth rotates in 24 hours. (Actually, a little less, but that's unimportant here.) One side of the Earth is exposed to sunlight at any given time; the other side is in darkness. Thus, we have night and day.

    The Moon revolves around the Earth once every 28 days, and is unrelated to the Earth's day/night cycle. If it revolved around the Earth once per day, you'd see the Moon's phase go from full to new and back to full every single day.

    - Warren
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    One more thing: You can see the Moon during daytime.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Thread title corrected.
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