Most interesting WEB pages on physics

  1. I'm looking for a list of the most interesting pages on physics, on the internet.

    By "most interesting", I mean pages which are rigorous, well done graphically, and no discussions boards/forums and NO crackpots ! It could be simulations applets, papers, Wikipedia articles, etc. I prefer things on relativity theory (special and general), or on electromagnetism, but it could also be on classical mechanics and quantum mechanics, as you prefer.

    What are your suggestions ?
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  3. The Bilbao Crystallographic Server

    Everything you ever wanted to know about space groups, crystal symmetry and so on. And then some...
  4. Hi! I really don't know which level you are after, but here are some I remember...

    Hyperphysics has a great scope IMO. Could be made more beautiful, though.

    I like the Usenet Physics FAQ too, but graphically it's very basic :smile:.

    Have to mention Wolfram MathWorld too, even though it focuses on mathematics. There are physics in there as well, e.g. Lorentz Transformation.
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