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Motion in circles mechanical engineering

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    first time guys.
    i have a disc with a bearing and a shaft through it. the disc is rotating in simple harmonic motion with a dynamic force of 14400N and speed of 2.43 rpm. i need to use electromagnets to stop this disc from rotating.
    -where or can can i get electromagnets to stop 14400N . the max i have found is just 1000N
    - what calculations do i need to consider in calculating magnetic field resistance.
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    What do you mean when you say that the disk is rotating with SHM? Is it rotating, or is it translating side to side? Is the 14400 N an oscillating force, or is it steady?

    Can you provide a sketch of the situation? This would probably help a lot. Please specify the materials for the parts also.
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    what is providing that 14400 N of force (I'm assuming that is centripetal force?)
    If you stop that source, the disk will eventually stop due to friction with the bearings, and the air.
    Applying an extra 1000 N of force will assist with that deceleration.
    can you chain the magnets together? have one magnet on one side, and another magnet on the other side?
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