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    Which is harder to pull apart, a circle or a triangle?

    In deciding which shape of ring I should use to secure an anchor to an anchor trolley I came across two choices, a circular ring or a triangular ring. While either will surely work, I began to wonder which would be more difficult to pull apart. Most of the information I found is about forces...
  2. H

    How to find the radii of these 2 circles given 2 known points

    Homework Statement Homework Equations y-y1 = m (x-x1) ---> line equation $$ (x - a)^2 + (y-b)^2 = r^2 $$ ---> circle equation The Attempt at a Solution I tried to draw the triangles using, (1, 3) (2, 4) and (0, b) (0, b) is the tangent point to y-axis and used those points for...
  3. caters

    Solve for unknown radius without trig

    Homework Statement What is the next radius outwards of this Apollonian gasket? R = radius of outer circle = 5 r1 = radius of largest inner circle = 3 r2 = radius of second largest inner circle = 1 a = unknown radius Homework Equations C = 2πr A = πr2 d = 2r The Attempt at a Solution Make a...
  4. twistor

    A Whatever happened to CCC I found this semirecent paper about CCC's concentric circles prediction for the CMB. Is this just another piece of the debate, or is its significance enough to increase the plausibility of Penrose's model? Thank you in advance for your answers, and please...
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    Show that the equipotential lines are circles

    Homework Statement In a specific area of the space, an electrical potential is given as: \begin{equation} V(x,y,z) = A(2x^2 - 3y^2 - 3z^2) \end{equation} where A is a constant. a.) Determine the electrical field E for any given point in the area. A test charge q_0 is moved from the point...
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    Greeks, Circles, Small Straight lines and Calculus

    Hello, I VAGUELY recall reading, some many years ago, a statement to the following... "The Greeks were obsessed with circles. Had they relaxed this obsession, they may have seen the significance of modeling curves with small straight lines, and thereby anticipated the Calculus." Is there any...
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    Area of A Segmented Circle Cut By A Chord

    Homework Statement Given a circle with a set diameter, how does one calculate the area of the segment below? Homework Equations The only information available is the diameter (in this particular example it is 14"), You may not use angles. Only the chord length. Thank you for your reply. Miguel