Mount Edgecumbe, dormant for 800 years, now showing activity

In summary, new technology used by facilities has revealed that a United States volcano, which has been dormant for 800 years, is showing signs of life. Magma is rising from a depth of 6 miles and causing surface deformation, making it the fastest rate observed in Alaska. According to lead author Ronni Grapenthin, this reactivation of a dormant system is rare and unusual. The volcano is a stratovolcano that could potentially cause explosive eruptions. It is located 1200 miles from Vancouver, 600 miles from Anchorage, and only 2.5 miles from the nearest coast.
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The discovery came from new technology the facilities employed that uses computer modeling on satellite imagery. The data showed that magma is rising in a United States volcano that’s been long dormant about 6 miles from a depth of about 12 miles.

It has caused significant surface deformation, according to researchers.

“That’s the fastest rate of volcanic deformation that we currently have in Alaska,” said the research paper’s lead author, Ronni Grapenthin, a University of Alaska Fairbanks associate professor of geodesy.
It's also unusual.
“And while it is not uncommon for volcanoes to deform, the activity at Edgecumbe is unusual because reactivation of dormant volcanic systems is rarely observed,” he added.
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A little, but crucial note:

It is a stratovolcano, i.e. explodes with magma and possibly pyroclastic flows.
(in contrast to shield volcanos like Mauna Loa, or lava domes like Mount St. Helens)

1200 mi to Vancouver
600 mi to Anchorage
2.5 mi to the nearest coast

1. What is Mount Edgecumbe?

Mount Edgecumbe is a dormant volcano located on Kruzof Island in the Alexander Archipelago of Alaska.

2. How long has Mount Edgecumbe been dormant?

The last known eruption of Mount Edgecumbe was approximately 800 years ago.

3. What does it mean for Mount Edgecumbe to show activity?

Showing activity means that there are signs of volcanic activity such as increased seismic activity, gas emissions, or changes in the shape of the volcano.

4. Is there a risk of eruption now that Mount Edgecumbe is showing activity?

While there is no way to predict with certainty, the current activity of Mount Edgecumbe does not necessarily indicate an imminent eruption. It is important to continue monitoring the volcano and follow any evacuation plans put in place by local authorities.

5. How are scientists monitoring Mount Edgecumbe's activity?

Scientists use a variety of methods to monitor Mount Edgecumbe, including seismic monitoring, gas measurements, and satellite imagery. These tools help scientists to track any changes in activity and provide warnings if necessary.

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