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Movie Making Software Similar to Windows Movie Maker XP but for 7?

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    Does anyone know of a movie maker program that`s similar to the one on windows XP but that can work for Windows 7 and on a netbook?

    I tried making movies with the new windows movie maker, but it trims in seconds and it`s to much of a hassle to make more then one using it.

    I`ve downloaded some recommended ones but can`t get on with them,or they`ve been detected as a threat by my anti virus program.

    I preferable want it to either let you trim it manually or allow you to specify how long the video is in minutes not seconds.

    Thanks for any recommendations.

    P.S:Would the XP one work in compatibility mode for 7?
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    Try Adobe After Effects. You can do whatever you want with movies. It offers much more than what Movie Maker can offer!
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    Thanks, but no good for my little netbook.My CPU is N570 @ 1.66GHz, way to low to run After Effects.
    Thanks tho.
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    1 minute=60 seconds. What's so unsatisfying about that?
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    1)Takes to long to figure out for anything that isn`t whole i.e i can`t always think clearly,and get muddled up.
    2)When i found the correct time,and entered it in WMM it didn`t do the specified time,it when over,and when i tried to trim the film,it deleted it.
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