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Moving an object over predetermined trajectory

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    Need some guidance on how to approach the following scenario

    Object : 200 grams

    movement axis : x, y, z

    distance : 20 meters

    speed : 70 to 150 kmph adjustable.

    The plan is to have 3 motors on a jig to control the movement on 3 axis.
    The issue is to reach 50 m/s speeds and braking.

    alternatively is to look at magnetic tunnel but the power requirement
    adn control seems expansive.

    Any suggestion on a motor that is available that can reach 50 m/s
    over 20 meters? the Y axis and z axis motors will be driven by the
    x axis motor hence the object weight will be more when it
    comes to the x axis motors which moves the jig across 20mts
    at 50 m/s

    appreciate any guidance on the same
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Maybe use a model rocket motor?
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