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Ms in physics after b.tech in ece

  1. Jun 4, 2014 #1
    I am a B.Tech student interested in ms in physics.When i was searching for the admission procedure and requirements in the universities some universities are mentioning they require B.S degree in physics.Are there any one who had done ms in physics after b.tech if so please help me in planning for the universities
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    My BS is in mathematics/computer science, with a minor in physics. After working for a few years I was accepted into an MS program for physics ... as a condition of acceptance I was required to take the remaining courses which would have converted the minor in physics to a major.

    I would expect no less from any program which wants you to succeed. The physics courses at the MS level expect you to already know/understand the material at the undergraduate level - including mathematical physics, quantum mechanics, advanced labs, thermodynamics, etc.
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    Well, a lot really depends on what the B.Tech. really is. Where I'm from, a course with "technology" in the title is usually more trade-oriented and specific to getting the student into a particular vocation. It is not generally considered an academic degree and therefore does not qualify one for graduate studies. It might be different where you're from though.

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