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Ece (IPA: [ˈedʒe]) is a Turkish word meaning queen and may refer to:

Umay, also known as Ece, the Turkic earth goddess

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  1. Delta31415

    Courses What advanced math courses should I take as a ECE

    Hello, everyone, I am a freshman in ECE( My degree atm is CompE) who by next semester(fall 2019) will have completed calc 1 -3, elementary linear algebra(with proofs) and differential equations. My program still requires me to take a course in discrete mathematics, probability(super basic imo)...
  2. Delta31415

    Programs Deciding between EE vs CompE: A Freshman's Journey

    Good day everyone, a few months ago I posted a question regarding physics as a major, well fast forward about 6 months and I am studying engineering(I picked engineering(ECE) because first I get to take physics courses up to QM and second after some further research I found out that one of the...
  3. B

    [Homework] Identify Filter type

    Homework Statement Identify the type of filter (kinds of frequencies the circuit filters out) analytically 2. The attempt at a solution I believe the top filter to be an inverting low-pass filter, which passes lower frequencies and blocks higher frequency signals. I also think that the...
  4. TBert

    Job opportunities for CE and EE

    I am looking to major in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering and wanted to learn more about the majors. What I am most interested in is what job opportunities are available after college for each of the majors. From the research I have done it seems like EE (in Ohio) mostly do control...
  5. C

    How to prepare for ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

    Hello. I've just recently been accepted to an electrical and computer engineering course. I've only been out of school for 2 weeks but I can already tell that my memory is slipping and I can't remember anything I did. My course starts in late august, and I want to prepare for it so that I have...
  6. C

    Programs Can I go into electronic engineering with an ECE degree?

    I just got accepted to an electrical and computer engineering course (ECE) and I was wondering if its possible with this degree to get a job in electronic engineering. It seems that the syllabus covers more of electrical engineering than computer, but I'd like to get a job designing hardware...
  7. rrlamichhane

    Most promising and emerging current ECE research-topics?

    I'm more looking for fields in hardware side (Electrical Engineering) than software (Computer Engineering) here. I know to some extent but wanted everyone to share their knowledge on this. Here's the few that I think will massively effect the world of technology in the near future (Pardon my...
  8. T

    Transfer function with Disturbance

    Homework Statement Find the steady-state error due to a disturbance Td(s) = 1/s. Set R(s) = 0. if given a system: Homework Equations n/a The Attempt at a Solution I need Y(s)/Td(s). To do this I must find Y(s) in terms of the transfer function Y(s)/R(s) which I have obtained. This gives me...
  9. A

    Essential ECE Probability Course for EE MS?

    Hi, I'm currently taking classes to catch me up to speed to do an EE masters program (did my undergrad in something unrelated, but already accepted to the MS EE) and I have a lot of freedom in choosing what courses I feel that I'll need to prepare myself. Is a course in probability something...
  10. AdityaDev

    Robotics: ECE or mechanical engineering?

    I got to know about robotics 5-6 years ago after watching a program in the Discovery network. I even joined robotics classes and i found it fascinating. (They gave me LEGO mindstorm kits). I also learned C programming and i know python as well.(my friend told me that its important to know C...
  11. L

    From ECE to Plasma Physics/Fusion Tech?

    I am currently doing my undergrad in electrical engineering and hope to specialize in power at the end of it. In short I am fascinated with energy and confronting the problem of the global energy crisis Is it possible to switch from ece into r and d of fusion technology? I would love to get a...
  12. A

    Help with ECE scheduling please

    Hi all, this spring will be my first semester in Boston University's LEAP program which is a program designed for non-engineering bachelor's degree students to earn their MEng or MS Eng in 3 years. I'm currently looking at the ECE program planning sheet and am not quite sure what classes to...
  13. M

    Ms in physics after b.tech in ece

    I am a B.Tech student interested in ms in physics.When i was searching for the admission procedure and requirements in the universities some universities are mentioning they require B.S degree in physics.Are there anyone who had done ms in physics after b.tech if so please help me in planning...
  14. K

    ECE options: nanotechonology and biomedic engineering

    Hello guys I am from UBC, Canada, eletricial engineering. After second year, we are currently declaring options: two in my particular interests are "biomedical engineering" and "nanotechnology & micro-system". I have already investigated about the courses offered by these two options. But I...
  15. K

    Transfer Dilemma: UBC vs U of T ECE Engineering for Top Grad School Goals

    llo, I am from U of T ECE engineering too. I am having a problem right now, could you please help me out? I just finish my first year engineering, and I applied transfer to UBC. The reason for transferring is because of high living costs and also because my parents want me to stay in Vancouver...
  16. N

    Can I Apply for Robotics Grad Degrees with a Dual ECE Degree?

    I have decided to major my engineering degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, however I only start this year. I am interested in the field of robotics, specifically the side of the programming, developing intelligent machines and artificial intelligence etc. My question is, would...
  17. E

    Programs Should I Switch from ECE to Physics for my Undergraduate Degree?

    Hello, I am currently a sophomore electrical and computer engineering major at a liberal arts college. I am applying for transfer for next year. Due to the lack of small schools that offer ECE, I am now considering switching to physics. I am not sure if this is a good idea as the things in...
  18. H

    Simple ECE First Order Network

    Homework Statement I need to resolve this network and find the equation for voltage at some time, t'>0. I know how to find the equation, but I'm having trouble finding the value for tau because I'm not sure what the equivalent resistance is. Homework Equations tau = R*C R1 = 4 k...
  19. L

    Need help choosing topic for ECE literature review

    This doesn't seem to be a typical type of question for this site, but I need help choosing a topic for a literature review in an advanced writing class. It needs to be related to computer or electrical engineering, and is described as follows: "A literature review is a very common genre of...
  20. K

    Possible Answer to ECE Finals Questions

    I just took my final exam in Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering. I could go on describing how horrible/well it went, but a certain question has caused major disagreement. We had to solve Io (the current leaving the Op Amp) and Vo (the voltage at the output of the op amp)...
  21. D

    V"ECE Processor Power Dissipation: Calculating Static and Dynamic Power at 0.7V

    Homework Statement Different versions of a processor have different dynamic power dissipation. Dissipation also differs with the applied voltage. Version 1 at 0.7V has a dynamic dissipation of 50W and at 1.4V a dynamic dissipation of 100W. Version 2 has a dynamic dissipation of 80W at 1.4V...
  22. W

    CECS (@ cal state long beach) or ECE (@ cal poly pomona) for A.I. in robotics?

    Hello, unfortunately due to me not qualifying for financial aid or grants my options for school are Cal State Long Beach and Cal Poly Pomona. I am currently and undergraduate attending Cal Poly Pomona. Well, my career plans is to get into the field of Artificial Intelligence of/in Robotics...
  23. R

    Solving Exercise 8.9 from ECE 3025 Lecture Notes

    Homework Statement http://img168.imageshack.us/my.php?image=eightss5.png Homework Equations I have the lecture notes that is 14pages long that covers this particular chapter and the lecture note provided by my professor does not mention anything with switchs in the lecture note...
  24. J

    Point of automata theory in ECE?

    So I've got a ton of time on my hands for the next few days so I'm trying to meticulously plan out the courses I'm going to take in grad school in electrical engineering. Some things look interesting, and I've been trying to plan my curriculum the best I can to coincide with things that would...
  25. M

    Choosing Between CSE or ECE for a Career in Embedded Engineering - A Guide

    CSE or ECE ? Help, please! hello all, Pardon me if i have posted in the wrong section because the topic is related both to Electrical engineering and career guidance, so I wasn't sure where to post. I'm an EE student and I'm a bit confused on whether I should major in Computers & Systems...
  26. P

    Engineering ECE - logic circuit for a 4 bit input which counts 1s in input

    Homework Statement Using basic gates and/or building blocks, design a logic circuit that takes in a 4 bit input and will compute the number of 1s in the input. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have no idea where to start can anyone help please.
  27. X

    Which ECE subfield should I study?

    Hi all, This is going to be a long post so please bear with me. In about two weeks, I am transferring to Georgia Tech under the dual degree program. Dual degree students are those who have taken three years of courses at a Georgia liberal arts college and then attend Tech for two years...
  28. benzun_1999

    Which Course is Better for a Career in Space Research: Aeronautics or ECE?

    hi, long time since i visited Physicsforums.com. I am stuck with a very important and basic problem. I am going to enter college and i must decide my couse. I like both Aeronautics and ECE. I want to end up somewhere in NASA, ISRO, space research organisation or something in the forefront...
  29. M

    Programs Question for ECE majors at UIUC

    I am currently attending a community college, and I have taken most if not all of my math courses that includes, Calc I-III, DE. Also I am currently taking electricity and magnitism, which is physics II here at our college, and have taken physics I(mechanics) previously. My question is, is...
  30. R

    Mechanics in Electrical and Computer Engineering: A Primer

    Is there any kind of Mechanics used for Electrical and Computer Engineering?
  31. V

    Dual sensitivity problem involving transducer (ECE)

    Hi, I have a question about calculating the error of the transducer. A pressure transducer exhibits a temperature sensitivity of 0.05 units per degree Celsius and a pressure sensitivity of 5 units per MPa. If the temperature changes 30 degrees celsius during a measurement of a pressure of...
  32. T

    How would you rank ECE MASc Program @ U. of Waterloo

    How would you rank ECE MASc Program @ U. of Waterloo --------------------------------------------------------- Hello, every body. I might currently receive an offer letter from U. of Waterloo for MASc-ECE Program. I understand the evaluation of a graduate program is quite often tough...