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MSc in physics or computer science

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    I'll be completing my BSc. in Physics this april from India. But recently I have decided not to pursue pure sciences, instead go for engineering in US. Most of the US universities require a MSc. from India as eligibility for doing masters in US. I want to do masters either in mechanical/aerospace.
    So in what field should I do MSc. from India. I only have two choices, either I can do MSc. in physics or in computer science/information technology. It is not possible to do MSc. in mechanical/aerospace after BSc. physics in India.
    What field do u think will be more helpful -- Physics/ computer science for me to get admitted in a MS course in US( in mechanical/aerospace engineering )
    Any advice will be appreciated.
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    If you want to do engineering, then perhaps you should do an MSc in physics. And I'm not just saying this out of personal bias. I know people who've done BS degrees in engineering only to do an MS in physics, and the reverse is also possible. I'm not so sure about computer science though. I don't know how the academic programs work over in India (at least not beyond what my dad tells me about his experiences going to college there), but here in America I've seen that engineering has a bit more in common with physics than it does with computer science. Besides that, physics students tend to pick up a few computer skills. I, for example, have never taken a computer science course in my life, and I know how to program a computer to acquire data, operate an apparatus, or do various other tasks. Physics tends to be a rather versatile major. So based on what I know from my engineering friends, you'd be better off getting your MS in physics.
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