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MSc in Theoretical Physics as mature student

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    I'm a 32 years old teacher in mathematics and physics in a high school, and I obtained a first class BSc (Hon) in physics a couple of years ago, which was emphazided on theoretical physics in terms of option courses. However, I have always wanted to gain an MSc and, if possible, a Phd in theoretical physics, and for this purpose I plan to apply for an entry in 2010 at Imperial College London (MSc in quantum fields and fundamental forces). I have already taken a look on the programme on the net, but the question I would like to know is the following: how much is this Imperial MSc demanding, especially for mature students, if there is? are the courses so hard as paople say, especially string theory course, or do you have to be a genius to understand that? And also, is there any chance for a so aged as me to pursue in a Phd in theoretical physics, or is it hopeless?
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    Old? Youre just a spring chicken.If you obtained a first you must be clever enough and I think the main difficulty you will have is relearning the stuff you forgot from your first degree.Why not contact Imperial and try to arrange a visit where you can discuss your concerns.Good luck with it.
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    The imperial site has a list of books to read for those who have had a few years away. It's a very short list you'll be pleased to know! 32 isn't old! The teaching experience may come in handy, in some places, if you want to become a lecturer -- for instance the Open University really like people with lots of teaching experience.
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    Dr Transport

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    I got my second MS at 30 and my PhD at 35.......

    Age 32 for an MS is not out of the realm of possibilities......
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    Thanks to all of you for your explanations. I found a link with the needed prerequisites for the MSc at imperial, and I think I'll lokk at this more closely.Have a nice day everybody!!
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    One of my fellow graduate students was a 45 year old truck driver. She just recently got her Ph.D in physics.
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    That is remarkable!
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    I'm a 43 year old pharmacist taking classes so I can apply for the masters in physics program at Wayne State.

    As long as you can do the course work, age seems to be meaningless.
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