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MTBE production starting with a vacuum residue

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    Hello all. Another year has begun and yet again I'm stumped with all this stuff.

    If anyone can provide me with sources, articles, or any type of information to help me with this design process.

    I uploaded a word document with a pretty nice intro I wrote with all the formulas and a description of the process. The big thing the teacher wants us to do now is a mass balance. We also use Aspen Plus 2004 to run our simulations. A guide would be nice as knowing which devices to use for each desired process is eluding me currently....

    Thanks for any assistance that can be provided. It won't just be for me, I'll pass it on to the entire class. We're all struggling...

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    Hate to tell you just how old that exercise is.
    Your teachers really should get something more up to date.
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