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Multivariable differential calculus refresher?

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    I need a refresher on my multivariable differential calculus. Does anyone know of something brief with lots of exercises (maybe something geared towards physicists)?
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    there are no exercises but posts 115-116 of my thread who wants to be a mathematician summarizes basic several variable differential calculus.
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    Since you are a physicist, I presume you are mostly interested in vector calculus and the book for that is:

    div, grad, curl and all that: an informal text on vector calculus

    the author is h.m. Schey

    If you want to review the other things, like coordinate systems, partial derivatives, multivar chain rule, taylor series, lagrange multipliers, then I recommend to you the book by Boas, Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences.

    Edit: both books have loads of exercises, and are especially well suited towards self-study (the target audience is undergraduates).
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