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  1. CCMarie

    A Multi-variable function depending on the Heaviside function

    How can I calculate ∂/∂t(∫01 f(x,t,H(x-t)*a)dt), where a is a constant, H(x) is the Heaviside step function, and f is I know it must have something to do with distributions and the derivative of the Heaviside function which is ∂/∂t(H(t))=δ(x)... but I don't understand how can I work with the...
  2. uchuu-man chi

    Need help with this vector problem -- Thank you

    Homework Statement Let L1 be the tangent line to r(t) at the point t = a and let L2 be the tangent line where t = b. Find the equation of the lines L1. Find the equation of the lines L1 and L2 and find the points of intersection. r(t) = <f(t), g(t), h(t)> *bolded letters are vectors Homework...
  3. P

    I Help needed; problematic integral

    Hello. I am having a lot of trouble trying to solve/analyse this integral: $$\displaystyle \int_2^\infty \frac{x+y}{(y)(y^2-1)(\ln(x+y))} dy$$ I have tried everything with no result; it seems impossible for me to work with that natural logarithn. I have also tried to compute it, as it...
  4. S

    I Differentiability of multivariable functions

    What does it mean for a ##f(x,y)## to be differentiable at ##(a,b)##? Do I have to somehow show ##f(x,y)-f(a,b)-\nabla f(a,b)\cdot \left( x-a,y-b \right) =0 ##? To show the function is not though, it's enough to show, using the limit definition, that the partial derivative approaching in one...
  5. I

    Weber-Fermat Problem, degenerate cases

    Homework Statement I have to prove some things on the Weber-Ferma problem. Here is the assignment : We want to find a point $$x$$ in the plane whose sum of weighted distances from a given set of fixed points $$y_1, ...,y_m$$ is minimized. 1-Show that there exist a global mimimum to the...
  6. D

    I Difficulty with function dependencies f(u,x)

    If you have a function x = x(u,t) then does u necessarily depend on x and t? so u = (x,t) For example, if x(u,t)=u^2 t it seems that because t=x/u^2 , t=t(x,u) I am having difficulty working out the general equation for dz \over dx if z=z(x,y,t) x=x(u,t) y=y(u,v,t) The chain rule...
  7. RoboNerd

    I Finding shortest distance between skew lines, checking work.

    Hi everyone. I was working on a problem for days. The problem statement is: "Consider points P(2,1,3), Q(1,2,1), R(-1,-1,-2), S(1,-4,0). Find the shortest distance between lines PQ and RS." Now, I did the following formula: PS dot (PQ x RS) / magnitude of (PQ x RS). (For skew lines) Now...
  8. Zeeree

    Epsilon-delta proof for limits (multivariable)

    Homework Statement : the question wants me to prove that the limit of f(x,y) as x approaches 1.3 and y approaches -1 is (3.3, 4.4, 0.3). f(x,y) is defined as (2y2+x, -2x+7, x+y). [/B] The attempt at a solution: This is the solution my lecturer has given. it's not very neat, sorry...
  9. Kupkake303

    How to find the inverse of a function

    T(t) = Ts+(98.6 – Ts)e-kt rewrite in the form t=g-1(T) In trying to understand how to find the inverse of this but am having a hard time, please advise. Thanks, Kupkake303
  10. TheSodesa

    A multivariable limit problem (epsilon-delta -proof)

    Homework Statement Find the limit \lim_{(x,y)\to(2,2)}\frac{x^3-y^3}{x-y} Homework Equations \epsilon - \delta, baby: If the limit L exists, \forall \: \epsilon \: \exists \: \delta: 0 < \sqrt{(x-a)^2+(y-b)^2} < \delta \rightarrow |f(x,y)-L| < \epsilon The Attempt at a Solution By...
  11. A

    Looking for a multivariate function with certain properties

    As a undergrad future scientist, in my free time I like to do some programming to get some practice as my education programme doesn't include it, but it is a useful skill to have. I am programming some type of roguelike game, so I can get away from graphics and focus on procedural generation...
  12. RaulTheUCSCSlug

    Find a normal vector to a graph

    How do you find a normal vector of a function at a point, such as f(x,y)= ax^y+yx^y^x+b at (X_o,Y_o) where a and b are just arbitrary constants, and the function is an arbitrary function. So I guess, what is the general steps you take to find the normal? I thought it had to do with the...
  13. E

    Spivak's Calculus on Manifolds: Theorem 5-3

    I am trying to finish the last chapter of Spivak's Calculus on Manifolds book. I am stuck in trying to understand something that seems like it's supposed to be trivial but I can't figure it out. Suppose M is a manifold and \omega is a p-form on M. If f: W \rightarrow \mathbb{R}^n is a...
  14. Kyuutoryuu

    Are hyperbolic functions used in Calculus 3?

    More than just a few problems that happen to pop up in the textbook, I mean.
  15. kostoglotov

    Q about 2nd derivative test for multivariable functions

    Homework Statement So the test is to take the determinant (D) of the Hessian matrix of your multivar function. Then if D>0 & fxx>0 it's a min point, if D>0 & fxx<0 it's a max point. For D<0 it's a saddle point, and D=0 gives no information. My question is, what happens if fxx=0? Is that...
  16. V

    Multivariate piecewise fxn continuity and partial derivative

    1. Problem Define a function: for t>=0, f(x,t) = { x for 0 <= x <= sqrt(t), -x + 2sqrt(t) for sqrt(t) <= x <= 2sqrt(t), 0 elsewhere} for t<0 f(x,t) = - f(x,|t|) Show that f is continuous in R^2. Show that f_t (x, 0) = 0 for all x. Then define g(t) = integral[f(x,t)dx] from -1 to 1. Show...
  17. J

    Multivariable Continuity

    Homework Statement Is f continuous at (0,0)? What is the "maximum" region D...
  18. bananabandana

    Two variable function, single integral

    Homework Statement Evaluate: I(y)= \int^{\frac{\pi}{2}}_{0} \frac{1}{y+cos(x)} \ dx if y > 1 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I've never seen an integral like this before. I can see it has the form: \int^{a}_{b} f(x,y) dx I clearly can't treat it as one half of an exact...