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Munkres Topology - Chapter 7 - Complete Metric Spaces and Function Spaces

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    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible (or advisable) to read Chapter 7 of Munkres (Complete Metric Spaces and Function Spaces) without having done Tietze Extension Theorem, the Imbeddings of Manifolds section, the entirety of Chapter 5 (Tychonoff Theorem) and the entirety of Chapter 6 (Metrization Theorems and Paracompactness)? I've done everything through The Urysohn Metrization Theorem (which is nearly the end of Chapter 4, right before Tietze Extension Theorem).

    I expect the exercises might have some stuff from these areas, but flipping through the text quickly it *seems* I should be alright. But, I don't know. Any suggestions are welcome.

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    I suggest you just start doing it, and if you come across some terms you don't understand, look them up in the index, get a handle on them, then return to where you were. You may have to recurse a few levels. That's how everybody reads math books anyway.
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    Alright, thanks!
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