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Medical My brain doesn't get rest, is that unhealthy?

  1. Aug 24, 2006 #1
    I am taking too many AP classes plus I am in a chess club. Now what happens is that even though I have an A so far in all of my subjects. I can't get rest. Literally, I study till my mind starts burning, then when it gets really hot, I jump in the swimming pool for half an hour, then study for rest of the day. Do you think this might have any long term side effect? Btw, I get full sleep and I dont have glasses. I also don't watch tv and barely sit on comp these days. My only physical activity other than swimming is playing table tennis once a week for 5 hours. Even on weekends, I am exceptionally busy doing my studies.
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    I'd say if your enjoying doing that then no it wont be harmful, if your finding all "work" and no play makes you a dull boy, then yes you will do yourself harm, some people thrive on being constantly on the go, be it physically or mentally, some prefer to relax every once in a while, so long as your happy I can't see that it makes that much difference.

    Not getting enough sleep can knock years of your life expectancy, especially if your sleep pattern is chaotic, but the brain only needs the rest it acquires during this period to function perfectly adequately, you could spend the rest of your life keeping your brain active and it would do it no harm as far as I'm aware, in fact their is evidence that keeping your mind active can help fend off conditions like senility, in other words, prevent you from losing mental faculties so quickly in later life.

    In summary it depends? Do you fell you have a problem? are there any signs of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness etc. Is this having any effect on you at all that is detremental do you think, think about it in a broad sense, are you losing out in a social, psychological or physical sense? If not why worry?
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    The thing is, my brain starts burning, that is why I started worrying. People who feel my temperature think I have a fever. That is why I freaked out.
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    go to the doctor...what part of your brain is hurting? drink lots of fluids(tea)?
    the good 30 min dip in the pool should be good for your brain.
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    Maybe your brain should be studying hydrodynamics?
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    I missunderstood, I thought you just meant it feels like your brain is burning, if I do alot of mental work I get the same feeling, sometimes if I'm thinking very hard for a prolonged period then my head hurts a bit and it feels like I would describe a sort of burn out in your head, I thought that's what you meant, I'm sure you shouldn't be having significant temperature rises, I'd understand if the temperature in your skull went up a bit, you might even sweat a little more, if your using your nogging but not so that it's making you get a temperature, sounds a bit above what you'd normally expect, wierd? If it's that unusual see Dr I guess.
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    I doesn't hurt. Wheneven I study for prolong, I feel like I need glasses b/c my vision goes down, my temperature goes up, I feel nauseau, I also have the feeling that I am about to sneeze but I never do.
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    Are you getting enough carbs in your diet? This hard brain work stresses your metabolism just as hard excercise would do, and you need to eat for energy. I would also recommend that you do shoulder girdle loosening excercises (at least!) regularly. Sounds to me like not just your brain, but your whole body is telling you it needs help.
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    Sounds like eyestrain. Try to give your eyes a quick break from short focus every fifteen minutes or so. Look away from your books, out the window, etc.
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    Since I give my eyes rest now, my temperature doesn't go that up anymore but I am having a new problem. I forget too much. I can't recall a lot of info., it is costing me grades in my test. What do I do? It doesn't happen when I don't do brain work but that is not an option for me.
  12. Sep 18, 2006 #11
    I think it is purely up to you whether you think you have enough rest or not. If you're comparing yourself to how much other people rest - don't. The real problem with you may be your declining optimism, not your lack of rest.

    I don't do nearly as many diverse activities as you do, but the price I have to pay for that was not getting any AP credit. Non-academic hobbies (such as chatting too much on the internet) or making websites that have nothing to do with school may conflict with studies, which may be compensated by more studying or accepting lower academic achievement.

    In the end, the decision you make depends on your philosophy - don't make us define that for you.
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    Um I have seen students burn out when they try to "do it all", a whole bunch of hard studying plus a rich social life. Burn out means fail at everything. Do see a doctor and take his or her advice.
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    I dont have a social life, I just play table tennis in the weekends.
  15. Dec 10, 2007 #14
    Some Advice

    I don't know if you solved the problem yet, so here's my advice;

    As our activities increase, whether mental or physical, so does our need for rest and energy.
    If the increase in our rest/energy is not proportionate to the increase in our activities, a rest/energy deficit will form. Discomfort in the form of headaches etc will be experienced as a signal that this deficit must be restored.

    The rest deficit can be restored in two ways:
    1. If you have the time, take a few days off from the activities for resting.
    2. If you do not have the time to take a few days off, increase sleeping/resting time by about 15%. This way you can pay the balance off in installments.

    For energy: More regularly throughout the working day, eat balanced meals that include both simple and complex carbs.

    I had the same problem and the above is how i fixed it. If this does not help then see your doctor asap to determine the cause.
  16. Dec 10, 2007 #15
    I like power naps myself. A good 30 minute nap mid day does wonders.
  17. Jan 3, 2008 #16
    ^ Yes power naps are very helpful....and i hear ya, i'm taking 4 of the hardest AP's this year and tts just too crazy!!
    i'm no doctor but if your head is getting "hot" that is a symptom that something is wrong internally...maybe see a doc or do something about it. cooling off in the pool sounds like a temporary fix, especially if this hot-headedness (no pun intended) is a recurring issue.
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