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My gpa is currently 2.57. Can i attain 3.9 gpa if i only have 2 years left?

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    I am going to get 4.0 on each semester to save my gpa.
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    Assuming with only 2 years let and assuming that means you've taken half your courses, the best you can do is around 3.3.
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    I am going to criticize you for asking a question in which you could have answered yourself with a little bit of work. Get a spreadsheet, enter all your grades and credits that you've received so far, and then enter the remaining # of credits you still have to take, with the corresponding grade value, and viola! You've calculated your projected GPA.

    Only YOU can answer this question, and only YOU can stop forest fires.

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    If you are a Math/Science major, I would say that if you can't (or can't be bothered to) figure out your own GPA calculations, you will probably be unable to get 4.0 on your courses in the first place.
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    im not sure how it works at your school, but at mine they only consider my last 10 credits (aka last 20 courses) to calculate my gpa.
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    Each one of your courses is 0.5 credits? I've never heard such a thing.
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    If you can achieve a 4.0 in each semester from now on, why didn't you do it in your previous semesters?
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    I also laugh at the fact that you plan to get 4.0 for the rest of your courses, but can't figure out what your final GPA would be.
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    aha you guys are brutal.
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    He's a pretty obvious troll. Hats off to him for trying in the physics forums though.
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    Many people have already answered and criticized your original question so i will spare you the repitition. I do however have a better question for you. what will you say when the admissions troll asks you "why would i accept a student who lets their grades slide only to desperately try to scrounge together points at the last minute?"? as someone with experience i can tell you that a professor or TA's biggest annoyance is the student who slacks off only to bother the grader for extra points at the last minute.
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    Thread locked.
    This may or may not be the case. If not, the question/issue has been solved, and no further useful discussion is happening.
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