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My nose gets all blocked up due to fever

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    Since yesterday, I have a fever, sore thorat and an awful cold. It's morning now for me and I still can't sleep because each time I try, my nose gets all blocked up.

    What makes it worse is that it's cold and raining outside and some idiot is somehow burning something outside my house.

    Any good ideas or recipes?
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    Take lots of vitamin C!
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    Vitamin C is a preventative, not a cure. Too late now.
    Take some overnight drugs and get LOTs of sleep, like 14 hours. Do nothing else. NOTHING else. Give your body a good chance to fight it off.
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    Make sure you stay hydrated, especially with a fever, so make sure you're drinking enough.
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    Some relaxing quiet music in the background can help you stay sane during delirium spells.
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    If it{fever} last more then 3 days go to the Doctor, drink more then you eat..and let your nose plug up! It raises the internal temp of the sinus cavities which helps defeat the nasty cold germs.
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